This is a thorough treatment of the Gita. Like the Gita “As It Is,” it has the original Sanskrit, roman transliteration, word-for-word meaning, English translation, commentary on the verse, & comprehensive Index.

I really liked the translation of the Chapter Titles. The careful word choice helped me understand something of the chapter before even getting started.

The author, Swami Tripurari, goes to lengths to show the logical sequence of the Gita. This is unique among translations and really important. What a contribution! There’s so much that the Gita covers you can get lost. I never felt lost reading this Gita.

The author’s contemporary language and insights into the philosophy of the Gita are clarifying and feeling. Perhaps this inspired the subtitle? You get a sense of not only the scholarship of the author, but the love he has for the topic and the speaker of the Gita.

For me that was important because what is the use of philosophy if it doesn’t move you? I read this alone and a second time alongside the “As It Is” Gita version and was greatly edified.

This is a serious tome, but one of the best translations I have read.

Phil Catalfo of the Yoga Journal writes, “The most arresting new Gita to cross my desk in the past year…a kind of postgraduate course in the cultural, metaphysical, and spiritual teachings inherent in this ancient treasure.”

Purchase the book.
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