mBhagavad Gita Talks Between the Soul and God book coverWhat an easy Gita to read! Ranchor has simplified complex philosophy incredibly well. This little book is a companion to keep and take anywhere. It’s a great size to even keep in your purse and turn to while waiting in a line, on a bus, in a doctor’s office, or on a commute. You can flip to a page and pull out a nugget to meditate for the day, or you can study the essence of the Gita here.

The short Introduction is a straightforward, uncomplicated overview of the Gita. Except for a few key Sanskrit words that simply don’t translate well, you don’t need to wrestle with many Sanskrit words in this translation, making it even easier to assimilate.

The Gita is factually a huge meal that has been able to satisfy the voracious intellects of the world’s greatest minds for millennia. So Ranchor has done something tremendous here.

Having studied Bhakti for nearly 50 years, I can tell you that to make this simple presentation the author has had to dive deep and stay there for some time before surfacing with realized knowledge. Only then could it appear so accessible, as if the topics are delectable, miniature, digestible hors d’oeuvres.

Ranchor writes, “This edition is for anyone exploring the spiritual path, of whatever faith or persuasion.” And he is absolutely right.

The perennial philosophy of the Gita shines in Ranchor fresh translation and undemanding commentaries.

I don’t hesitate to recommend this book for anyone and everyone. I love this book! And it has a new cover. Check it out.

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