The Bhakti Series


This four-book series is the distilled essence of Bhakti. This is most comprehensive, easily-digestible introduction to Bhakti available. We learn how Bhakti is relevant to our modern-day lives and receive an infusion of clarity about our spiritual possibilities.

Book One: Wise-Love
Explore the world of consciousness that is your self. You will discover the self’s most charming characteristic — that it is a lover, a lover who can be satisfied when ordinary love evolves into wise-love.

Book One, Spanish Translation: Amor Sabio
Explora el mundo de la conciencia que es tu yo. Descubrirás la característica más encantadora del yo: que es un amante, un amante que puede ser satisfecho cuando el amor común se convierte en amor sabio.

Book Two: Bhakti Shakti
By revealing Sri Radha, the brilliant hidden gem in the treasure chest of India’s sacred texts, Bhakti Shakti beckons you to claim your spiritual identity, experience the joyous state of your pure spiritual self, and progress toward deeper intimacy with the Divine.

Mock up Cover for Prema Kirtan

Book Three: Prema Kirtan
Coming November 1, 2022

Book Four: Living Bhakti
Coming December 2022