This is more of a picture book than a children’s book, but my 10-year-old granddaughter enjoyed me reading various plates to her. It doesn’t have a storyline so it’s not a book you read from cover to cover for children. But the illustrations are extremely beautiful.

The colorful, very detailed, artwork is inspired by Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite, and Celtic art styles. Kim Waters paintings are enchanting, actually mystical. They’re so gorgeous that I know many people who have cut out pages to frame.

There are 40 color plates and 50 black and white drawings. Some of the color plates don’t have any text, but many of them have artistically rendered verses from the Gita – much like you see on the cover of the book.

From a reviewer on Amazon, “Anyone traveling the spiritual path will appreciate the sudden insights afforded by this inspired presentation of a sacred treatise.”