In Search of the Highest Truth is a general overview of the fundamentals and history of yoga philosophy.

Hari-kirtana takes up a discussion of cause & effect, gurus, ethical imperatives, karma, samsara, destiny, free will, yoga & religion, Vedas, and much more — all with wit and clarity.

The format of this book is questions and answers. Hari is a contemporary yoga asana teacher and Bhakti practitioner who is learned in the core yoga texts, namely the Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.

In this book he has taken interesting and universal questions posed by his students. Because the questions are from his live interactions with students you’ll find these to be relevant questions. His answers are clear and easy to grasp.

In the Prologue Hari-kirtana welcomes us to an adventure in yoga philosophy saying that yoga is a joyful science of spiritual awakening.

“Practicing yoga induces a realization that there is a transcendental source behind the surface phenomenology of our mundane experience. Gradually, the curtain is lifted and the practitioner literally sees the universe as a manifestation of divine energy.”

When asked why he wrote the book, Hari-kirtana explains,

“When guest lecturing at yoga teacher trainings, I’m often asked to recommend a book that provides an overview of yoga philosophy.

“This has been a conundrum for some time: although I have my favorite translations of Sanskrit scriptures, I felt my students needed a more accessible, practical book.”

Tiffany K, a reader writes, “Distills ancient yogic wisdom into modern-day practically.

I enjoyed this book very much. It’s a great introduction to Bhakti yoga philosophy.

As a yoga teacher trainer (YTT) he has developed excellent courses and workshops for resources for yoga teachers, practitioners, and the curious. In fact, YTT can write him directly to get a free copy of the Teacher’s Guide that accompanies the book.

You can find him on IG @hari.kirtana and his website.

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