This book could be well be titled “The Art of Controlling the Mind.” This is a handbook for those practicing, or living, bhakti, with helpful suggestions on how to overcome common troubles on the spiritual path.

Most hurdles we encounter are ones generated in the mind. Those that come from the body, others, or the environment can best be managed by controlling the mind and modifying how we see, or relate, to the obstacle. If we can control the mind, we can make rapid progress.

This a comprehensive guide for taking charge of one’s spiritual life by changing our angle of vision. It is full of excellent wisdom of healthy psychology but importantly it’s also fortified with spiritual insights and understanding that elevate us out of the muck of the mundane by opening a view of the world where we can actually thrive. This spiritual layer garnered from sacred texts and Mahatma’s own practice makes this a spiritual self-help book with real power to transform us.

In other words, Living the Wisdom of Bhakti contains refined spiritual psychology that shows how to deal with the common challenges all practitioners eventually encounter.

Anyone who takes up a serious spiritual practice will tell you that work is involved. We’ve been illusioned for a very long time and stepping out of ignorance requires our daily involvement and honesty.

How should we view setbacks and challenges? How do we release our attachments? How do we recognize the way we’re sabotaging our spiritual progress and how do we stop it? How do I focus on that which brings me actual joy and spiritual benefit?

The book is divided into three sections: “Obstacles to Cultivating Bhakti,” “Transcendental Practices,” and “Achieving Your Goals.” In each section there are several very short, digestible chapters, some of which have exercises.

This book is easy to read, but I think it would serve as a reference to return to repeatedly as life presents its different challenges and as we face our own lethargy when it comes to spiritual practice.

If you’re engaged in a Bhakti practice this is an invaluable guide to help you make your way through what commonly ails a spiritual life.