The Eight Elements by Ranchor Prime

Ranchor has illustrated this sweet little book with line drawings that are as precious as his reflections about the lessons his life journey has taught him.

The gentle, flowing, beauty of the cover enticed me to read this book and happily the text reflects the mood of the cover.

“When the way you are is no longer sustainable, when your life falls apart, change is not an option—it is a necessity.”

The author carried me along into his mid-life crisis that led him into a mystical exploration of the elements of natured drawing from the Gita’s explanation of the elements. He explores each element and shows how it relates to life and love and God.

I found Ranchor’s writing inviting and honest, and I appreciated his straight­forward assessment of his internal crisis and how he found his way out through self-reflection and prayerful approach to the world.